The American School of Madrid, a private, non- profit educational organization, has as its primary responsibility the recognition and development of the intellectual ability of its students.

The School also recognizes its responsibility to attend to the emotional, moral, physical, and social needs of its students. The American School of Madrid provides both quality and continuity in American elementary and college-preparatory education. It makes possible the acquisition of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behavior that will prepare its students to be critical and concerned members of a changing society, aware of their responsibilities to themselves, to others, and to future generations.

In order to implement this philosophy, the American School of Madrid accepts its responsibility to develop in its students:

  • curiosity and interest in learning;
  • clear and effective self-expression;
  • proficiency in the use of academic skills, including observation, comprehension, analysis, evaluation, research and their application;
  • the ability to function as independent learners and thinkers;
  • recognition of the need for disciplined work and personal responsibility in the learning process;
  • self-esteem and self-confidence along with the ability to set personal goals that are ambitious, yet realistic;