The Upper School Program at ASM is composed of a four-year curriculum designed to meet the requirements for entrance to American colleges and universities and other institutions of higher learning in Spain, Europe and around the world.

It is the purpose of the Upper School to serve the interests and needs of its students as they prepare to further their education and to help them develop personal worth, dignity, and a sense of responsibility to themselves and to each other.

In addition to having the longest-tenured American diploma curriculum in Madrid, ASM also offers the International Baccalaureate Program and the Spanish Programs Ofical. We encourage students to create an academic schedule that is both rigorous and consistent with curricular interests in preparation for post-secondary study. Students are given a breadth of opportunities representative of the varied lifestyles, values and customs that surround us, Including the traditions of our host country, Spain.

The Upper School academic program is extremely strong and challenging. Acceleration is used to meet the needs of the academically talented student. The Upper School Program culminates in a US high school diploma for all students with the additional options of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program or the Spanish Programs Oficial program. Distance learning may be investigated as a further option once the student has completed the highest level of the regularly scheduled academic offerings.


The Upper School of The American School of Madrid provides a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum. Students should expect to work diligently in an environment that challenges them to develop their potential.

List of minimum requirements for graduation from The American School of Madrid:

Social Studies3
Foreign Language2
Physical Education/Health2
Visual or Performing Art1
Computer Technology2/3
  • *One of these elective credits must be from the following list: mathematics, social studies, or science.
  • All students must take Spanish through grade 11.
  • List Item
  • Two consecutive years minimum in a modern foreign language.
  • Any course taken beyond the number of units required in a given subject area is regarded as an elective in that subject area.

All students are encouraged to take 4 years of mathematics and science, history and foreign language. The Upper School curriculum provides sufficient flexibility so that students may tailor their program to meet their needs and interests with specialized elective courses and advanced courses in each department.