The Kinder 1 and 2 programs are designed to introduce the students to a variety of readiness activities. In these Kinder classes there are daily opportunities to develop vocabulary and speaking skills that will help prepare children for reading and writing. In addition, the following pre-reading and pre-writing skills are addressed: visual and auditory perception and discrimination, fine motor development, oral comprehension, and vocabulary development.

Math instruction in Kinder 1 and 2 includes counting, matching sets, classifying objects, sequencing events in time, picture graphic, and pattern recognition and the reproduction.

Major units of study focus on science, social studies and art. Kinder 1 and 2 students go to special classes for music, art, and physical education.

*Children must be toilet trained and be 3 or 4 years of age respectively be September 1 for admission to K1 and K2.

From Kinder 3 to grade 5, ASM has a standards-based curriculum, using AERO standards and benchmarks to plan instruction and assess student progress. These standards were developed by the Office of Overseas Schools in the US State Department, and provide a challenging and professionally-validated curricular framework for our work with elementary-aged school children.