The American School of Madrid | Build for the Future
I Want to Build!

Community awareness and involvement is a key part of the ASM Building for the Future campaign. As educators, we feel it is essential that our community is an active partner in shaping and preparing our school for the future. We want the community to share our enthusiasm and excitement. Redesigning Collaboration,...


Why does ASM need to raise funds beyond those raised via tuition and fees? ASM recognizes that it cannot stand still.  ASM is committed to not only maintaining its record of educational excellence but extending both program and facilities to ensure that ASM is recognized as a leader among the American-international...

Current Campaign

Over the years, the drive for continuous improvement has made ASM a dynamic and constantly developing school. The essence of ASM’s mission is to prepare students for their futures.  While their future holds unimagined challenges and opportunities we know the powerful combination of independent initiative and collaborative effort within a...

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