Departmental requirements for graduation include four years of English in grades 9-12. English 9 and 10 present major types of literature and students focus on analyzing literature and developing sound writing skills to present their conclusions in well-structured essays. The focus in grade 11 and 12 is World Literature I and II. IB English is also offered for students seeking the IB Diploma. Research, essay-writing and discussion are stressed in all classes.

The department offers electives in Creative Writing, Speech, Debate, Publications and Composition.


ASM’s language offerings include French, Spanish, and Mandarin.

French and Mandarin are offered as a second language from grade 6 from beginning to higher level courses and culminate in the IB exams in grades 11 or 12 (optional).

Native Spanish speakers or those seeking entry to Spanish universities are required to follow the Programa Oficial curriculum which is a set sequence of courses established by the Spanish Ministry of Education. Those students wishing to follow this program must have a native level in reading and writing in the Spanish language.

Non-native Spanish speakers follow the Spanish as a Second Language Curriculum. The main objective of this program is to enable students to communicate in Spanish and to acquire a greater understanding of the Spanish culture. Communication skills may range from single usage (as students are initially exposed to the language) to complete bilingualism. Students who have followed the IB curriculum will be prepared to take the examinations at the ‘ab initio’, B, and A levels.


Departmental requirements for graduation include one year of Algebra, one year of Geometry, and one year of Algebra 2. The department encourages all students to take four years of mathematics. Offerings include Alg2/Trig, Math Topics, IB Math Studies I and II, IB Math SL I and II, IB Math HL I and II.


ASM’s physical education curriculum is a coordinated program of health, physical education and athletics. The goals of the program are to provide each student with the opportunity to develop a positive self-image, refine motor skills, experience the joy of physical activity, and acquire competence in athletic areas of choice. Students are required to take Physical Education in grades 9 and 10. Incorporated into classes are health and life skills.


Departmental requirements for graduation include two years of Integrated Science, in which students are taught Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, covering each subject at an introductory level in grade 9, and at a greater depth in grade 10 as well as third year of science in grades 11 and 12.

The department encourages all students to take four years of science. Other offerings include Forensic Science and Food Chemistry as well as IB Biology, IB Chemistry, and IB Physics at both the standard and higher levels.


Departmental requirements for graduation include one year of World History and one year of American History. Other offerings include International Relations, Theory of Knowledge, IB European History, IB Business and Management, Sociology and Psychology. Electives offered each year depend on student interest, as well as the talents and interests of ASM staff. Within the Social Studies program, we also offer Geography of Spain, Philosophy, and History of Art, all taught in Spanish. These courses are available to students in grades 11 and 12, and prepare students to take the Spanish university admissions exam (Selectividad), humanities track.


The high school Art Department offers Drawing and Painting, Art Concepts, Digital Photography, IB Visual Art, Digital Arts, 3D Animation, and Video Art. Students are required in high school to take one credit from the Visual or Performing Arts for graduation. The Digital Arts courses (Digital Photography, Video Art, Digital Arts, and 3D Animation) may be taken to fulfill the credit required for the Arts, or they may be used to fulfill the technology requirement. The art department encourages students to select a range of courses to complement their skills in and understanding of the Visual Arts. Additionally, students are welcome to repeat any art course to pursue a more in depth experience in any of the content areas.


Upper School students are required to take one credit of Visual or Performing Arts for graduation. The Performing Arts classes include Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra, Vocal Music and Theater Production. Music classes can be taken to fulfill an art credit as well as an elective credit, and may be repeated. Students are encouraged to repeat these courses to further develop their performance skills and musical expression.


Departmental requirements for graduation include ⅔ of a Computer Technology credit. The department offers year-long and trimester courses. Technology courses offered include IB Information Technology in a Global Society, Exploring Computer Science, and Robotics.