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American School of Madrid

The leading institution for an American education in Madrid

The American School of Madrid has been offering students the best of both worlds - an American education and fluency in Spanish - for 60 years. Science, Technology, the Arts, Sports - all of our facilities are state-of-the-art. Our exceptional teachers give students the skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing world, and at ASM children reach their full potential in a collaborative and invigorating environment.

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ASM Mission Graphic
We empower lifelong learners to take on challenges and thrive,
care for others in our diverse international community
and think globally and creatively toward a better future.


Students enrolled



Number of nationalities represented at ASM


Teachers who are dedicated, caring, and highly-skilled


Alumni living in 35+ countries


Acres of green peaceful campus grounds



Class of 2021 attending a top 100 university/college



Main regions where the Class of 2021 is studying: US, UK, Spain & other EU countries


IB average total points 2021


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student smiling

Sammy, Class of 2023

"ASM is different and unique because it is a melting pot of people and cultures which are all celebrated. ASM is also unique because it is a very positive environment where all students, teachers and staff are very friendly and nice."




Former Teacher at ASM

Alyssha, Former Teacher 2010-2016

 "It was here that I really learned about how a community could pull together to work for the benefit of each individual within this school family. These lessons in teamwork that came from colleagues, students, and the parent community have been with me ever since."


student smiling

 Victoria-Alba, Class of 2023 

"ASM has a highly personalized learning approach to learning, ranging from numerous electives like 3D Computer Animation and Journalism to learning foreign languages. In our classes, we learn in both the whole class group and in smaller groups suited to our needs."




Carolina, Class of 2021

“At ASM, I learned that what defines my success and my ability to reach my goals is my confidence and belief in my abilities.”



K1-12 Educational Technology Coordinator

"What I bring to ASM is an enthusiasm for using technology for teaching and learning. I love it when a student has their "ah-ha" moment and realizes how a digital tool can help them showcase their learning in new and creative ways."   



Lucas, Class of 2021

“ASM has taught me to think both critically and analytically; not only on an academic standpoint but on a social and ethical one as well.”




ASM Parent

Eliza, ASM parent

“I feel that my son has a voice at ASM. His thoughts and opinions are listened to and he is noticeably part of a community.” 


student smiling

Alfonso, Class of 2023

"The teachers at ASM are kind, involved, and care about our learning and well-being."




Casilda, Class of 2021

“ASM taught me to push through the hard times because hard work will always pay off.”



Manuel, Class of 2021

“ASM has taught me how to be hardworking, kind, and grateful, but also not to take yourself too seriously.” 



Upper School French Teacher 

"What makes ASM so special is that it is much more than a school, it is a caring community: care for its members and far beyond!"

Juan Carlos
MS/US Athletics Coordinator

“ASM comes together as a community, as a "family", to achieve a common goal, which is to give the best possible education to our students. As an alumnus, teacher and parent at ASM, my experience is that ASM is a school and a community, dedicated to and for our students."



Andrea, Class of 2021

“I will forever be appreciative to the faculty who always gave their all to their students, who took a special interest in their well-being and had a special enthusiasm in pushing us to become better students, peers, and people.” 


Dimitri, Class of 2021

“ASM helped me meet people from all around the world and explore all types of academic opportunities so that I can go into college with a sense of direction.”



Pieter, Class of 2021

“ASM has taught me to be a globally aware citizen, an organized worker, and a creative thinker among other things.”



Eva, Class of 2021

“ASM has taught me to never give up on the important things that matter. As a community, we can overcome anything.”


LS Learner Support Teacher

“My colleagues care deeply about making a difference in students' lives.”



Elizaveta, Class of 2021

“ASM has taught me that perseverance is the key to success.”