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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees with ASM´s Headmaster, Ben Weinberg

Welcome To ASM! Bienvenidos al Colegio Americano de Madrid! 

We are delighted you have joined our community. You will soon become familiar with our "Magical Mix" of one third American students, one third Spanish, and a third coming from scores of countries around the world. We celebrate the diversity that enriches all of us and the quality of education we offer. 
ASM is proud to be a leading American international school, with a tradition of excellence that shines through in the academic results of our students and the university placement they consistently achieve.
Steve Schaver

The Board of Trustees

The by-laws require the Board to be self-perpetuating, and that members represent ASM, not a particular constituency. The Board sets policy, while the full responsibility for the day to day operations is that of the Headmaster. The by-laws also stipulate a majority of the Board be American citizens, but we also have Spanish citizens and at least one member from a third country. The Board is committed to a holistic and principled education where academics, sports, music and the arts, and personal development all have an important place in our school.  A philosophy of seeking constant improvement underpins this commitment.

Association "Colegio Americano de Madrid"

ASM was established as a non-profit association 60 years ago.
The association is governed by the founding set of by-laws, and it operates under the aegis of the March 22, 2002 Spanish Constitutional Law for associations.

Board of Trustees


Steve Schaver
Michael Willisch
Jose Miguel Knoell
Faraday De La Camara
Yemi Adesokan
Chresten Christensen
Laure Fullerton Headrick
Norman Kurtis
Dr. Luis Seijo
Nicole Warin
Matt Mittino