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Established in 1961 as a not-for-profit organization, ASM is the first American school in Spain. Our long history of success is underpinned by decades of continuity of governance and leadership. Our governance structure, a tradition of a strong relationship between the Board of Trustees and the school’s Leadership, and a willingness regularly to actively listen to our community, ensures continuous progress towards a shared vision and resilience in the face of challenges.

Senior Leadership Team

ASM Headmaster Ben Weinberg
Ben Weinberg, Headmaster

Today's students face unprecedented challenges and amazing opportunities. It is our role as educational leaders to ensure they have the resilience, skills, hope, and courage to make the most of the opportunities and to imagine solutions that have eluded us.  Using the ASM Mission as our compass, it is our aim to ensure that ASM provides academic excellence in the context of a thriving community so that all students experience ASM as a source of inspiration, belonging, and wonder.

Jesus Iravedra, Director of Administrative Services
Jesus Iravedra, Director of Administrative Services

The ASM campus is like a small town where students and their families spend a very important part of their lives. We try to keep everything running smoothly, from the facilities to the cafeteria, from security to cleanliness. Our goal is for you to get the best experience out of your time at ASM.

Jen Munnerlyn, LS Director

I’ve worked with young children for over 20 years and I believe in the importance of childhood. Having the space and time to develop skills, investigate interests, and test their thinking ensures children are actively engaged in their own learning. At ASM we are continuously developing our programs and practices to ensure our students and their interests are at the forefront of our work. 

Mike Nugent, Middle School Director
Mike Nugent, Middle School Director

We believe that Middle School students are in a unique developmental stage that requires a special program tailored to their social, cognitive, physical, and emotional needs.To this end, we provide a safe, supportive climate that enhances the personal development of each student while providing an academic environment that stresses high standards and provides the foundation for our students to be life-long learners. 

Félim Bolster, US Director
Félim Bolster, US Director

In a complex world, our students need an array of skills to be able to successfully and healthily navigate the opportunities and challenges they face. Schools, such as ours, should play a vital role in embedding skills for life-long learning, global citizenship, ethical living, and personal well-being. I believe that great schools successfully combine all of these aspects in service to our students, developing young citizens who will make a positive impact on their world.

ASM Athleltic Director. He is wearing a blue shirt, has brown hair and a beard
Gustavo Dias, K-12 Athletics and Activities Director

At ASM, our Athletics and Activities program mirrors our multicultural nature by prioritizing a rich array of options. We embrace diversity through educational athletics, creative venues, and performance ventures, all aimed at empowering our students of all ages through their passions. With a focus on holistic development, we cultivate a dynamic environment fostering a lifelong passion for learning and growth, which are essential skills for life through and beyond school.

Board of Trustees

The American School of Madrid is governed by a diverse, self-perpetuating Board of Trustees, substantially all of whom are parents of current ASM students. Guided by ASM's foundational documents, the Board focuses on long-term strategy, developing school policy, and ensuring the school is both sound and strong financially. The Board is also responsible for hiring the Head of School, and delegates to the Headmaster the responsibility for day-to-day administration, program development, and implementing policies set by the Board. Together, we believe that a strong and dynamic partnership between the Board of Trustees and the ASM Administration is critical in achieving the ASM Mission.

ASM Board of Trustees
Michael J. Willisch
Dr. Luis Seijo
José Miguel Knoell 
Ben Weinberg
Faraday De La Camara
Olivia Balbuena
Joe Callahan
Laure Fullerton Headrick
Norman Kurtis
Matt Mittino
Steve Schaver
Photo- October 2023

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