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Our Future Campus

K1 student wearing the EEC  uniform and smiling.
K1 Student in the playscape
K1 student on a swing
K1 student smiling in the playscape
Creating extraordinary learning requires constant development. ASM has put into place a 10-year Campus Master Plan which includes the construction of innovative 21st-Century learning spaces, an extended play landscape, a zero-energy sustainable building, green zones, and improved athletic facilities.

The next phase of the Campus Master Plan includes:

  • Upgrading the Early Childhood Center Playground for children in Kinder 1 - 3 (ages 3 to 5)
  • Increased number of green spaces on campus 
  • Renovation and expansion of the Lower School
  • Renovation of the Upper School

The Lower and Upper Schools will be renovated to incorporate the same learning principles we have in the new Middle School. Architecturally, this means designing for flexibility, visibility, collaboration, and openness.