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Why Choose ASM?

Students doing a science experiment in teh woods
two people playin wind instruments
Studenst in science class
3 students  with masks  on holding a frame

An education that stresses initiative, creativity, decision-making, and problem-solvingA commitment to preparing students to successfully live and work in the 21st centuryA dedication to ensuring that all our students are prepared to be effective World CitizensA challenging and diversified academic program taught by a dedicated, caring and highly-qualified facultyAn excellent college-preparatory program with an outstanding record of placing graduates in excellent American, Spanish & international universities throughout the worldAn opportunity to study, work and socialize in several languagesA global outlook, the natural outgrowth of a magical mix of at least one third American, one third Spanish, one third other nationality, created by an international and multicultural student bodyA positive and supportive community relationship between the trustees, parents, faculty, staff, and students