The American School of Madrid is a non-profit private educational institution that operates on a balanced budget philosophy. ASM, like most independent schools, runs a Development Program that seeks philanthropic support from the community members and friends of the community.

Over the years, prudent and deliberate fiscal management has allowed ASM to fulfill two long-term Facilities Master Plans. The investment is not just about buildings. Each Master Plan has been accomplished with investment in three broad areas: people, program, and facilities, and this has allowed student learning at ASM to grow and develop.

ASM’s commitment to providing an excellent college preparatory education is and has been our true north. We believe that true excellence comes about as a result of the balance between the academic program, the arts, physical education, and students’ social and emotional development. In that spirit, the ASM Board of Trustees has approved a new ten-year Master Plan to make 21st Century Learning fully operational at ASM.

The school’s fiscal management and financial health allow us to continue the long-standing tradition at ASM of excellence by design through continued investment in people, program, and facilities. The budget for the new Master Plan does not require or anticipate increases beyond the historical increases in fees and tuition to keep pace with inflation. The plan does, however, require that we reach out to our community for support. We feel it is healthy that our community is connected and committed to the daily life of the school and its future.

10-Year Master Plan

In our rapidly changing world, strategic planning ensures that ASM provides our student body, both now and in the future, with the skills, attitudes, and understandings they will need to be successful.

In the fall of 2016, ASM began to develop a comprehensive, campus-wide facilities plan that aims, over ten years, to establish ASM as one of the most forward-looking, future-oriented, schools in the world.  Since the construction of the Pozuelo campus in the mid-1960s, ASM has been committed to the development and maintenance of the educational facility to support extraordinary achievement. As one of our alumni and a current parent commented recently on an online platform:

It would be very easy to sit back and be complacent with the already extraordinary facilities ASM has, but the appetite to continuously improve and be ahead of change is part of ASM’s DNA.” Cristina Callejon

In January of 2018, the ASM Board of Trustees approved the 10-year Master Plan for Facilities. The ASM Master Plan for Facilities was developed through an interactive, community-wide process in partnership with Flansburg Architects, a leading firm in Boston selected by the board after considering other such firms. The Flansburg team worked with parents, staff, students, and administration in a series of on-site workshops over four months. The final project was based on input and insights from all the groups. In particular, a set of six, guiding principles for the project, the so-called Six Cs (Connection, Community, Core Program, Construction, Conservation, and Cohesion) emerged from the many conversations.

The Master Plan approved by the Board focuses on:

  • Increased space for learning
  • Developmentally appropriate spaces
  • Increased and consolidated green space for learning
  • Sustainability

Phase 1 of the plan, a new Multipurpose Field and Sports Annex was completed during the fall of 2018 and we are now ready to begin Phase 2 of the 10-year Master Plan.

Phase 2: The Game Changer

It is with great excitement and pride that we present Phase 2 of the 10-Year Master Plan for Facilities: the new Middle School and Administrative Office Building. This new building has been designed to meet the 2020 Spanish Government requirements for Zero Energy use. The structure has been designed with state of the art materials and, along with extremely low energy consumption, will create its own energy with a rooftop photovoltaic array. In addition, this project will dramatically increase the available green space as there will be an underground parking facility which will allow the existing parking lot to be converted to a park style playground for the Lower School.

The new building will change the focus and flow of the entire campus. The interior features a continuation of the Learning Commons expanding the open, flexible meeting, working, and performing area available. The exterior, with the new bus drop off, constitutes a defining axis that creates a clear sense of three divisions, Lower, Middle, and Upper, but one school.

We are immensely excited about Phase 2. We have been working with the Middle School staff to work out the specifics of the new science labs, small group workspaces, wider hallways and other details that will combine to give the new space the open, flexible, connected feel that was established with the Learning Commons project.

Sharing Our Enthusiasm

Community awareness and involvement is a key part of the ASM’s Development Plan. As educators, we feel it is essential that our community is an active partner in shaping and preparing our school for the future. We want the community to share our enthusiasm and excitement. If you wish to get involved in ASM’s Development plan or you have any further questions, please contact the Development Office at .


What is philanthropic support?

ASM is a fiscally sound, independent non-profit school that operates on a balanced budget philosophy. ASM recognizes that it cannot stand still, and through ongoing friend-raising and fundraising efforts, the school ensures that our students are offered the best possible education that adapts to the constantly evolving society we live in.

Philanthropic support is a common practice among top private schools in the United States and international schools around the world.  For large scale capital projects, ASM, like most independent schools, chooses to seek philanthropic support, initiating development or fundraising efforts that will allow community involvement and will complement capital funds. ASM has been fortunate to receive the generous support of its community with its past major facilities projects since the school’s foundation in 1961.

While we are not launching a development campaign immediately, we expect to begin a friend-raising and fundraising effort at some point during the scope of the 10-year ASM Master Plan for Facilities.

Is tuition going to increase as a result of the new campaign?

No. All the costs deriving from the plan will be financed from the school’s capital reserves, capital income, and philanthropic support, not from the operating budget. At ASM Capital and Operational Budgets are separate. Operating costs are covered mainly by tuition and fees, and the school does not depend on gifts for any portion of its day-to-day expenses.

ASM is and has been in the enviable financial position of carrying zero debt.  All capital projects are paid for by careful and conservative management of the school’s capital budget. ASM’s operations which include salaries, instructional resources, and materials are funded by student tuition. This is separate from the school’s Capital Budget which is derived from the one-time enrollment fees.

What is an appropriate gift?

Gifts of all sizes will help ASM reach its goal of providing an excellent educational setting for its present and future students. Your gift – whether large or small – is important to ASM and the students it serves. Gifts are significant not by their amount but for what they stand for. Each contribution is a statement of support and solidarity, an indication of our shared values and aspirations.

Will I be recognized for my gift?

We thank our donors, past, present, and future, for their generosity and courageous support of our students’ future. The names of all donors will be recognized and published unless the donor prefers to remain anonymous.