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The American School of Madrid is a non-profit private educational institution that operates on a balanced budget philosophy. ASM, like most independent schools, runs a Development Program that seeks philanthropic support from the community members and friends of the community.

Over the years, prudent and deliberate fiscal management has allowed ASM to fulfill two long-term Facilities Master Plans. The investment is not just about buildings. Each Master Plan has been accomplished with investment in three broad areas: people, program, and facilities, and this has allowed student learning at ASM to grow and develop.

ASM’s commitment to providing an excellent college preparatory education is and has been our true north. We believe that true excellence comes about as a result of the balance between the academic program, the arts, physical education, and students’ social and emotional development. In that spirit, the ASM Board of Trustees has approved a new ten-year Master Plan to make 21st Century Learning fully operational at ASM.

The school’s fiscal management and financial health allow us to continue the long-standing tradition at ASM of excellence by design through continued investment in people, program, and facilities. The budget for the new Master Plan does not require or anticipate increases beyond the historical increases in fees and tuition to keep pace with inflation. The plan does, however, require that we reach out to our community for support. We feel it is healthy that our community is connected and committed to the daily life of the school and its future.

If you wish to get involved in ASM’s Development plan or you have any further questions, please contact the Development Office at