The American School of Madrid was established as an independent, American, non-profit, college-preparatory school under the form of an Association. It is governed by a Board of Trustees whose primary responsibility is to keep ASM’s founding mission current and viable. The Board is a policy-making group, legally empowered to act on behalf of the School. The Board charts a course of action for the school through the development and adoption of Board policies and decisions.

The by-laws require that the Board is self-perpetuating and that members represent ASM, not a particular constituency. The Board represents a large diversity in talents, including business, financial, professional, and other skills.

Includes entrepreneurs, journalists, executives, a lawyer, a former educator, an investment banker, and a representative of the U.S. Embassy in Madrid. Most all members of the Board are parents of current or former students. The majority of the Board are American citizens, but we also have Spanish citizens, and one Trustee who is a third country national.

Irrespective of nationalities, we each represent all students and the entire community. We are here to serve ASM, which means all students and all stakeholders; not a particular group of students, not a particular faction of the community, or a particular issue. We are committed to a holistic and principled education where academics, sports, music and the arts, and personal development all have an important place in our school. We are also committed to a culture of constant improvement.

The Board of Trustees…

… hires the Headmaster

… is a policy-setting body

… sets the strategic direction of the school

… is responsible for the long term financial health of ASM

… approves the annual budget

… develops and enacts long term facilities plans