The main purpose of the counseling program at ASM is to support the emotional, social, and academic interaction of students within their educational program so that they can achieve their full academic potential. This is done through consultation with parents and teachers to develop coordinated interventions, brief individual counseling with students, and school-wide coordination of prevention activities. Special attention is given to students transitioning into and out of ASM to assist with their adjustment to new systems. The overall goal is to help children use their strengths to succeed in academic learning, personal development, social relationships, and citizenship.

Students who need substantial counseling or psycho-educational testing are referred to local psychologists and counselors.

Character education is apart of the curriculum provided by classroom teacher in grades K1-12 and incorporates themes of empathy, self-esteem, problem-solving, impulse control, anger management, responsibility, honesty, community/citizenship, relationships, decision making, diversity and integrity.

The college guidance program in grades 9-12 holds as its foundation the overall objectives of the school counseling program at ASM in that it aims to further support he emotional, social and academic needs of the students. The college guidance office recognizes that each students has unique needs, goals and strengths, and aims to match students’ interests and capabilities with appropriately supportive and challenging institutions of higher education. The office provides guidance on college selection, information about colleges and universities, and support through the application process. In addition, the office works with parents and students on the transition to college from high school.