The Learner Support Program in the Lower School provides the resources and direct support for differentiation to met the needs of our diverse student body in Kinder 3 to grade 5. A fundamental principle of our approach to learner support is that unique learning styles, abilities, and talents are best met through scaffolding or enriching the general program of studies. Learner support teachers work directly with grade level teams and support focused small group work and individual sessions.

The Lower School Support Team, composed of the counselor, the Lower School Director, the resource and ESL teachers, meet on a regular basis with teachers to develop the best plan of action to meet student needs. This team planning and focused support allows us to develop effective short-term programs for students who are working toward grade level expectations. If necessary, extra tutoring outside the school day is recommended. Minimal support is available for students with special behavioral or emotional need.

Prior to applying to ASM, parents of children with special needs should consult the admissions office and, if requested, forward all pertinent information so that we can determine if we can meet the child’s needs.

In addition to being part of the Student Support Team, The Lower School Counselor is available to talk with parents and students. The Counselor supports students during their time of transition into and out of ASM, as well as working with groups of students on social and academic concerns.


All new students who speak another language at home are assessed to see if they need support. Students who are learning English are provided with various combinations of support and accommodations including individual or small group work and extra support from a learning support teacher.

Emphasis is placed on developing each student’s oral and written communication skills so that they can meet grade level expectations and build social relationships with English speakers.