All students in grades 6-8 have daily classes in the following core areas: English, social studies, math, science, Spanish, and physical education/health. Students have two elective periods that permit them to select offerings from a variety of courses including: French, technology, visual arts, performing arts, debate, mountaineering, and oceanology. Because students of this age are still in a formative developmental stage, the curriculum includes preparation in study skills and emphasizes values, decision-making, critical thinking skills, and the development of positive self-esteem.

The ASM Middle School has chosen to have a regularly scheduled, interactive advisory period during which Middle School teachers can meet with a small group of students throughout the year to help monitor and assist with students’ academic and emotional growth, provide information about school events, promote development of positive personal character, and encourage school unity and team building.

Periodically three to four advisory groups from different grades join together to form a House unit. These houses are a means for building school community. The house program in the ASM Middle School has four goals: to foster positive inter-grade level relationships, to promote a sense of belonging in a smaller school community, to promote positive interaction between staff and students, and to foster student leadership potential.