Learner Support services include Learning Resource Center services, ESL, and modified scheduling when appropriate and in the best interest of the student.

The Learner Support Program in the Middle School is designed to provide students who have minor learning differences with an appropriate curriculum which matches his or her demonstrated pace of learning. The Middle School has a Student Support Team comprised of faculty, teaching specialists, administrators, coordinators and counselors that meet regularly to help coordinate the resources that are available to best meet student needs. A study skills class is offered to students who demonstrate need in improving study habits including organization, test-taking skills, and note-taking skills.

A student may also be referred, at parents’ expense, for testing/services not provided under the auspices of the Learner Support Center.

Prior to applying to ASM, parents with children with special needs are requested to submit all pertinent documentation to ASM in order that the admissions committee can carefully analyze them to determine whether or not ASM has an appropriate program for their child(ren). Documentation that may be helpful would include Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), educational evaluation reports, 504 plans, evaluations form psychologists, doctor’s evaluations, teacher recommendations, etc.

Students with identified learning disabilities who require substantial academic support and program modifications and/or accommodations in order to successfully meet the academic expectations of the Middle School program are not accepted into the Middle School.