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Our Students

Over 60 different nationalities are represented at ASM, offering a rich and diverse multicultural community for learning. ASM is home not only to North American students but has attracted a magical mix of other cultures from around the world, mainly from Europe and South America. The Spanish community makes up a third of the mix offering the best of both worlds and a bilingual experience for all.    

Our Alumni

We are very proud of our growing alumni network who continue to call ASM their home away from home.  The school is committed to maintaining long-lasting relationships with our alumni community and connecting members from all over the world. This year, we launched our ASM Alumni portal for former students, parents, teachers, and staff. On this site, you can connect, network, and sign up for school-organized events such as reunions and homecomings. 
Connect with ASM’s Alumni Network

Our Parents

ASM is proud to have a connected and engaged community of parents. The school hosts many events and activities throughout the year to welcome families and build long-lasting connections. Some of these include our Welcome Family Picnic, the ASM Halloween Festival, and the ASM InterFest. 

The ASM Family and Friends group (ASM F&F) is a vital part of our connected community. They are involved in school events and social activities and help families feel welcome and connected throughout the school year. Over 70+ volunteers support us in different areas such as event planning and decoration, manning event stands, cooking delicious food and baked goods, event entertainment, and hosting get-togethers off and on campus.