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Our Alumni

We are very proud of our growing alumni network who continue to call ASM their home away from home. The school is committed to maintaining long-lasting relationships with our alumni community and connecting members from all over the world. This year, we launched our ASM Alumni portal for former students, parents, teachers, and staff. On this site, you can connect, network, and sign up for school-organized events such as reunions and homecomings. 

A man dressed in blue, making a thumbs up sign. He is standing in front of a pile of wood logs.
Former MS Science teacher Linn Peterson taking a selfie with an the 60th Anniversary.
A former student and her husband at the 60th Anniversary event. She is smiling at a memory of her days at ASM.
A large group of men and women at an Alumni reunion event in Madrid.
A alumni visits with her two children. They are standing in front of a colorful  mural in Middle School
Three alumni at the 60th ASM anniversary
An alumni at the IB art Exhibit
Three young men attending an Alumni reunion. The all have dark hair and are smiling.
A group of Alumni at the 60th Anniversary Alumni reunion
Two alumni at an alumni reunion. They are hugging each other.
An alumni family visit the school.
Two alumni visit campus
A group of Alumni visit the ASM campus
MS teacher MS. Cotillo with a former student who is visiting ASM.
An ASM alumna and current teacher, her Mom who worked at the school  and a former employee.
Two women and two men in the Admissions office. One of the men is a former employee who is visiting.
IB Science teacher Eva Fernandez visits with a former student.
An Alumni family in front of the American School of Madrid stone
An Alumni visit. Two woman and two children sitting in the LS Learning Commons. T
Two women and two men at and alumni reunion event.
Juan Carlos, the Athletic Coach (left) welcomes and alumni back to campus.
Alumni looking at photo displays at the 60th Anniversary event
Group of women at the 60th Anniversary Alumni Reuini
Three recent graduates visit the campus