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Our Parents

ASM is proud to have a connected and engaged community of parents. The school hosts many events and activities throughout the year to welcome Interfest. 

The ASM Family and Friends group (ASM F&F) is a vital part of our connected community. They are involved in school events and social activities and help families feel welcome and connected throughout the school year. Over 70+ volunteers support us in different areas such as event planning and decoration, manning event stands, cooking delicious food and baked goods, event entertainment, and hosting get-togethers off and on campus. 

A woman wearing a cowboy hat talking into a microphone
Parents with their daughter at the Senior reception
Two parents wearing traditional Spanish costmes at the International festival
Parents gathering at the Senior Reception
A view of the Ghostbusters cafe at the Halloween Festival
A parent dressed in traditional German drindl working the grill at the Halloween festival
A family at the Halloween Festival
parents talking and holding cups
Parents and their children at graduation
Families having fun at the Halloween festival
Parenst prepared and served food at Teacher Appreciation Day
Argentinian families at Interfest. they are at a table filled with homemade food
A parent at the 60th Alumni reunion
A group of parents at the Teacher Appreciation Day Event
Parents mingling at the Senior Reception  in the Middle School commons
Parent volunteers at Teacher Appreciation Day
Parents sitting on the Middle School steps talking
Parents with painted faces and dressed in in costumes at the Halloween and Family festival
Lower School parents and students raising their arms and with joyful expressions