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Darlene Oehlke

Teacher at ASM

Upper School Science and IB Chemistry Teacher

When did you know you wanted to be a teacher?
One of the professors in the university needed a teaching assistant and hired a friend and me. I loved it! Later, I decided to get a degree and certification to teach for a couple of years. Then I found out I could teach overseas, and I have never looked back. 


What do you want students to take away from your class more than anything else?

I would like them to care about the environment and other people, and I would like them to know that Science is an important way to understand the world and solve problems. 

Favorite ASM memory?

My HL Chemistry students in the first year were the most amazing class that I have instructed.  It was really great because I was missing my students from the previous school.

Fun fact about you?

During college, I was a canoe guide for a company called Wilderness Inquiry. I lead 5 to 20-day canoe trips with people with and without disabilities in Northern Minnesota and Canada.