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Delfi Ferrer

Upper School PE Teacher and Volleyball Coach

Delfi moved to Madrid from Argentina when she was 23. She first came to ASM as a coach for a team playing against ASM.
‘I saw the Home of the Lancers sign in the gym, which reminded me of my year in Austin, Texas, and decided this was where I wanted to work.’
As well as teaching volleyball, Delfi is a sports commentator for Telemadrid, a local TV station. 

Imagine a day with no responsibilities, how would you spend it?
Blessings, meditation, morning yoga, reading, sports, a bit of volleyball, social life. 

What do you want students to take away from your class?
I want them to develop a good relationship with physical activity. I want them to value education, be good people and give back to the community.

Favorite ASM memory?
My best memories are linked to the groups that I coached at ASM and it involves being able to see them grow. Also, I enjoy watching my students be themselves in great settings like the musicals, plays, or out-of-school activities that they pursue.