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College Counseling

Comprehensive career and university counseling services for students in Grades 9 through 12 are a crucial component of academic success and future college readiness.

Our dedicated ASM College Counselors work closely with both students and parents to navigate the intricate landscape of post-secondary education and career exploration. We offer a range of support services, including parent coffees and evening family meetings, providing opportunities for open dialogue and collaboration. Visit our College Counseling website to learn about more resources to guide you through the process. 

Our counseling approach is tailored to accommodate various settings, encompassing large group presentations, small group discussions, and individualized sessions to ensure that each student receives personalized attention. Our goal is to empower students to actualize their post-secondary educational plans, fostering a sense of confidence and direction as they embark on their new academic journeys. Through these comprehensive efforts, we aim to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and guidance necessary to make informed decisions about their future university plans.

College Counselor advising and Upper School student
A college Counselor is speaking with an Upper School senior about University options