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Learning Support

The Learning Support Team at ASM exists to ensure educational equity and continuity for students as they progress through the divisions of the school. Our aim is to support, guide, and teach students to reach their full potential with services geared to help students with different learning needs. Learning Support programs in all divisions focus on the development of a growth mindset and resilience. 

We collaborate with students, parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators to support student growth across the K-12 spectrum. In cases where a student is identified as needing additional support Learning Support teachers in each division offer a unique range of services including English Language Acquisition, Reading, Writing, Math, and Executive Function Skills.

Students who require substantial academic and/or social-emotional support and program modification in order to successfully meet academic expectations are not accepted into Grades 6-12. As such, prior to admittance to Middle School and Upper School, both current ASM students and new applicants are reviewed to determine whether ASM can provide the level of support required for the student to be successful. 

Parents are required to submit all pertinent documentation to ASM in order that the admissions committee is able to determine whether or not ASM can support their child(ren)’s learning and well-being. Relevant documentation includes Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), educational evaluation reports, 504 plans, evaluations from physicians and/or psychologists, teacher recommendations, etc. If prior pertinent documentation is not disclosed during the application process, ASM reserves the right to withdraw the offer of admission or to not offer re-enrollment.  

Learning Support Counselor  working with a Lower School student
Learning Support Counselor with a Middle School Student
Learning Support Counselor with student