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LS Learning Program

Designing and engineering solutions to problems

Educating critical thinkers and effective communicators

Nurturing reflective, curious, empathetic artists.

Establishing a foundation of excellence, the ASM Lower School instills the habits of collaboration, curiosity, and active learning in children from early childhood to Grade 5 while developing key academic skills. The Lower School at ASM is dedicated to fostering a stimulating, child-centered learning environment that is both purposeful and relevant. Under the guidance of skilled and caring teachers and staff, Lower School students are exposed to a variety of developmentally appropriate experiences and academic challenges that foster the skills essential for success in the real world.

Beginning in K1 and extending through Grade 5, students are expected to actively participate in their own learning by asking questions, thinking critically, collaborating with peers, and solving problems. The Lower School curriculum is structured to not only address specific overall standards and grade-level benchmarks but to also integrate the content and skills that facilitate understanding and the ability to make connections in our world. 

Our school uses best practice approaches to teach all of the subject areas including balanced literacy mathematics, STEM science, and social studies. Our teachers use standards to inform their unit design and differentiate lessons to ensure every student receives the support they need to be successful. In addition, teachers and students are engaged in human development work every day, as we help students learn to manage their feelings, work through problems, take risks, and recover from the disappointments which naturally occur when you are learning how to live and work with other people

The Lower School at ASM is committed to cultivating a productive home-school partnership that emphasizes opportunities for children to grow and develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually in a supportive and nurturing environment. Students are encouraged to persevere when confronted with academic and social challenges, to reflect upon both their learning and the choices they make, and to demonstrate empathy, respect, and understanding toward peers and all members of the community.