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MS Curriculum

student wearing robotics equipment

We believe that Middle School students are at a unique developmental stage that requires a special program tailored to their social, cognitive, physical, and emotional needs. To this end, we provide a safe, supportive climate that enhances the personal development of each student in an academic environment that stresses high standards and provides the foundation for our students to be lifelong learners.

The Middle School is a three-year program that provides a transition from the dependent structured guidance of elementary school to the independent less structured high school setting. We believe in promoting awareness and understanding of diverse cultures, fostering responsibility and respect, and emphasizing citizenship, service, and character.

Through diverse studies and activities, the Middle School provides opportunities for students to reach their full potential as individuals, community members, and contributing members to a global society. Each student takes six core classes in Middle school: English, Science, Mathematics, History, Spanish, and Physical Education.  Students begin to make choices about the direction of their studies and select additional exploratory classes in the Visual and Performing Arts, Foreign Languages, STEM, as well as other unique classes that offer students a well-rounded education. 

Providing the opportunity to explore personal stances on big ideas and centers on deeper learning.

During the year, students complete a variety of student-led scientific investigations and experiments.