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Teaching and Learning

Upper School English students and teacher in class

Curriculum is more than a collection of documents. Curriculum is a dynamic system which encompasses the whole learning experience for students at our school. ASM’s curriculum is dynamic and adaptable. It sets and maintains high expectations, helping learners to establish and achieve personal goals.

Our Curriculum is:

Our Teaching and Learning is:

Our Students are:

Empowered Learners

Digital Citizens

Creative Communicators

Innovative Designers

Knowledge Constructors

Computational Thinkers

Global Collaborators

Lower School teacher working with students
Lower School teacher working one-on-one with a student

Our Curriculum is:

Interconnected and measurable 

Clearly articulated and aligned 

A match for our diverse learners 

Supported by common planning time

Guided by our school’s philosophy and beliefs

Focused on assessment, learning outputs, learning data 

Reinforced by professional learning and development 

Regularly reviewed and evaluated