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Welcome from the Upper School Director

I am very excited to welcome you to the Upper School at the American School of Madrid. 

The Upper School brings a focus on preparing students for their next steps. Be that in Grades 9 and 10 where the Learning Program develops the skills and understandings that will prepare students for a successful Grade 11 and 12 program of study, or in Grades 11 and 12 where they are preparing to move on to their chosen pursuits post-ASM. 

We recognize the importance of supporting students in their academic pursuits and we commit to ensuring that every student meets their potential, through excellence in programming and teaching. To enable us to do so, we also need to also maintain a focus on student well-being. We are committed to knowing our students, meeting them where they are, and providing them with the social and emotional support that they need to be successful. We believe that one’s journey towards well-being and happiness is a skill set that we can teach our students. By seeing our students as individuals, each with their own needs and potentials, can we support them in their journey through Upper School, and provide them with the opportunities to celebrate individual success.

Welcome to the ASM Upper School and the Home of the Lancers!

Felim Bolster

Felim has been in international education for the past 22 years,  in schools similar to ASM. Felim has taught in the UK, the Middle East, and Europe, prior to joining ASM.

Originally a science teacher, Felim has a BSc in Applied Physics and Medical Technology, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, and a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management. He has served as a High School Principal and Assistant Principal, and a Secondary School (Grades 6-12) Principal at the American International School in Abu Dhabi, most recently as Head of High School at the International School of Brussels.