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College Counseling

From reflecting on personal goals, learning goals and personal preferences to co-creating the plan for successful university admissions, our college counseling team empowers, guides and supports students from start to finish. 

Our ASM college counseling team combines decades of experience with the most up-to-date information on university admissions in the United States, the UK, and Europe. Their expertise, connections, and deep understanding of the process ensure that students have the best possible resources to support them on the path to life beyond ASM. They keep up to date with changes and trends in the college admissions world. The college counselors are here to help each student succeed in the journey to college. 

Beginning with early awareness and exploratory experiences through individualized guidance on college selection, information about colleges and universities, and support through the application process, the ASM College Counseling Team works with parents and students on the transition to college from high school.

Our average IB score of 35 in the IB for the class of 2020 gave our ASM seniors a passport to a world of top quality universities.  


of students accepted to at least one of their top 3 college choices



IB exam pass rate and average 2020 score of 35,  5 points above the global average. IB pass rate over 14 years


Class of 2020 accepted into top 100 universities US, UK, EU


Our Counselors

Marj and John focus on access to university and academic decisions. They work one-on-one with 11th and 12th grade students and parents assisting them in understanding the courses and qualifications for the US Diploma, IB Diploma, Spanish Leaving Certificate, and the appropriate route to graduation. They also provides general college counseling for Grade Levels 9 and 10.


Marjorie Southworth   

Marj has worked as a college counselor at ASM for six years where her work focuses on access to university and academic decisions.
Prior to coming to ASM, Marj was a college counselor for nine years in Boston, MA working with international, corporate, and regional students and their families. She also served as a senior admissions officer at a number of U.S. universities. (Mount Holyoke College, Cornell University, Smith College, University of Massachusetts Amherst). Marj is passionate about guiding each student on their distinct college journey.

John McCracking

John has been working in high school counseling for over 30 years. He worked as Guidance Counselor in Maine for 13 years, as a high school administrator at the American Community School in Amman Jordan and as the Director of Guidance at  Hanover High School in New Hampshire for 10 years. Most recently, he served as the College Counselor at Shanghai American School in China. He has been a college counselor at  ASM for three years. John loves working helping students meet their personal and academic potential, and assisting them in the university process, selecting schools that are the best fit for each individual.

College data

Data on college and university acceptances shows the Class of 2020 had a wealth of choices worldwide.  

ASM Seniors had an unprecedented breadth and depth of choice to determine the best fit for their individual interest and preferences.

Record Achievements

Both acceptances and enrolments to top schools were at the highest level ever for ASM graduates.

Top Schools

Of the 743 acceptances, over 140 were for top 100 schools. 39 students had acceptances to one or more top 100 US and/or EU schools, almost 45 % of the class.


ASM students were accepted in art, music, STEM, science, and other specialty programs.


The average member of the Class of 2020 had 8 acceptances.

University Acceptances

Upper School Profile

College Visits