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Educating students to be critical thinkers, effective communicators, and reflective learners.

Our program is built on developing the essential skills for learning, now and in life beyond ASM.

Experience Spain

The American School of Madrid offers the Experience Spain program to students in Grades 11 and 12 who are interested in spending a semester or, possibly, an academic year in Madrid. The goal of the program is to provide high school students with experience in a country rich in culture and history, a lifestyle very different from that of other countries, and a language that is increasingly viewed as the world’s second language while they follow a standard American college-preparatory curriculum.

Host families are carefully selected for their suitability to house Experience Spain students. Screening procedures for host families include personal interviews and home visits. Once selected, a host family understands that the Experience Spain student in their charge is another son or daughter and so must receive both care and supervision.

The  Upper School Learning Program provides for a diversity of student interests and passions. Our U.S. High School Diploma which runs concurrently with an International Baccalaureate Diploma, and the requirements for entrance into Spanish universities, ensures that students have a wide range of global options for their next steps after ASM.

The Upper School Program at ASM is composed of a four-year sequence of courses designed to meet the requirements for entrance to American colleges and universities and other institutions of higher learning in Spain, Europe and around the world. In Grades 9 and 10, we provide an intellectually stimulating curriculum that prepares students to enter the IB Diploma Program. The IB organization describes its program as a comprehensive and rigorous two-year curriculum for students between sixteen and nineteen years of age. The general objectives of the IB program are to provide students with a balanced education; to facilitate geographic and cultural mobility; and to promote international understanding through shared academic experience.


As a college-preparatory school, we focus on helping students master the analytical and critical thinking skills that will benefit them at the university level and beyond; we also aim to expose students to a breadth of opportunities for engagement in their own personal growth outside of the classroom. Ultimately, we want each and every student enrolled in the Upper School to be able to make powerful connections across disciplines, and meaningful contributions within the community and across society as a whole.

Course Descriptions