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After-School Activities

The purpose of the After-School Program is to provide opportunities for students to become well-rounded individuals, exploring new talents, sports, and hobbies, not included in the normal school day. The ASA program is open to students in Grades 1-12, and the sports program to students in Grades K3-12 dependent on age. The activities also facilitate friendships outside of the classroom, allowing students to interact with students and teachers they may not know from their class or grade level.

Activities meet once or twice a week from October through May. Activities begin at 4:00 P.M. and continue until 5:00 P.M., although a few activities for older students start and end later in the afternoon. There is a 5:15 bus available for those who normally ride the bus. 

After-School Activities in Lower School may include:

Arts and Crafts, Board Games, Brain Games, Choir, Computer Animation, Daily News, Drama, Drawing, Eco-Art, French, Fun with Clay, Global Citizens, Jr. Gems, Lego, Running Club, Macrame Bracelet, MakerSpace, Math Games, Minecraft, Mini Cheer, Origami, Robotics, Scratch, Spanish Club, Sports Sampler, Video Club, Yoga for Kids, and Young Author’s Club.

Middle and Upper After-School Activities may include:

American Touch Football, Board Games, Business, Creative Writing, Caring Hands, Climbing, Garden Club, Gay-straight Alliance, Global Citizens, History Bowl, Investors, Journalism, Middle Earth Players, Model United Nations, Photography, Robotics, Spanish Conversation, Story of Film, TEDx, Track and Field/Cross Country, VR Lab, Yearbook, and Yoga. 

Fee-Based Activities

Most After-School Activities are paid for by the School. However, there may be an additional fee depending upon the activity and/or the number of students enrolled, or if it takes place off-campus. This is paid by the parents directly to the instructor. Activities in this category include group lessons in Climbing, Golf, Ballet, Tap, Karate, and private music lessons.

Activities not organized by ASM but supported by the School and held on campus include Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, as well as sports such as baseball. These activities are held after school, on Saturdays, or sometimes at later hours than normal activities and are organized and supervised by parents.