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ASM Athletics

US Soccer team players practicing

At ASM, we don’t just prepare students for the next level of Athletics, we prepare students for the next level of life.

We believe that Educational Athletics is an integral part of developing students holistically. Our program reflects ASM’s Mission and aims to empower our students, challenge them, and care for their learning, safety, and well-being. In addition, we aim to support student-athletes as they create their path and grow their skills in sports and life, on and off the fields, courts, and tracks. 

Throughout their athletic journey at ASM, students will be challenged to be well-prepared and to do their best in competitions. They will also be encouraged to develop grit, self-confidence, adaptability, and community spirit as a member of the Lancers team. Our Athletics program also aims to help students develop life skills such as resiliency, time management, and teamwork.



 ASM has 54 teams in 9 different sports

37 are competitive teams in local and International Leagues

Our sports are Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Gymnastics,

Cheerleading, Golf, Track and Field, Flag Football, and Fitness. 

ASM has state-of-the-art Athletics facilities where students can learn, practice, and perform in multiple sports. We have two gyms where we host Basketball, Volleyball, Cheerleading, and Gymnastics practices and competitions.

The ASM Football field can be converted into two Football 7 fields. In addition, we have another full-size Football 7 field of the same standard.

ASM also has an all-weather track around the main field, which is the training ground for our Track and field Teams. Two multi-purpose rooms and one fully equipped gym complete our sports facilities, providing spaces for Gymnastics, Cheerleading, and Fitness teams to run their practices.

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Local Leagues

Pozuelo de Alarcon Sports League

Las Rozas Sports League

Copa Colegial

Federación Madrileña de Voleibol

Federación Española de Cheerleading

Liga AXA Prebenjamin

International Leagues/Conferences

ISSA - International Schools Sports Association




Gustavo Dias, Athletics & Activities Director

Phone: +34 91 740 1915
The Athletics Office is located in the Athletics Complex.
ASM soccer player kicking the ball