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ASM Music Program

The ASM Music Department believes that every person is born with the ability to be artistic, creative, and musical and that instilling healthy musical habits is vital for continued music-making throughout one’s life.
From Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12, ASM’s Music Teachers seek to nurture musicians who are skilled, expressive, confident, and comfortable performers and who experience various types of performance settings (alone and with others, instrumental and choral, formal and informal). ASM seeks to develop musicians who are musically literate lovers and consumers of music who appreciate music from all time periods and world cultures. 

The music curriculum provides a balanced and sequential program of vocal and instrumental instruction in a developmentally and age-appropriate manner. All Lower School students take music classes as part of their regular schedule. From 6th grade through 12th grade, music classes can be chosen as electives including Band, Orchestra, and Choir. Additionally,  Band students in Grades 9-12 may audition for the ASM Jazz Ensemble. Classes in IB Music are offered in Grades 11 and 12.

Upper School Orchestral Concert
The Middle School Choir is performing in a concert
Joy Edenfield, Upper School Music teacher conducting a concert
Lower School students are playing percussion on a big ball.