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Performing and Visual Arts

From formal concerts, the spectacular Spring Musical, and The IB Art Exhibition to recitals and less formal performances, displays of student work and the student-organized Open Mic nights, the Arts are not only an important curricular component at ASM but they are a binding and uniting force within our community. 

ASM recognizes the unique contribution that a sustained arts program can make in uniting the student’s academic achievements with their personal experiences and observations. The Arts at ASM are not considered as an extra but as an integral part of the educational experience.


Through the Arts, students explore their world and their unique perspective. The Arts are opportunities for students to create, explore, and express their unique perspective as they gain insight both into themselves and their world and to develop a lifelong commitment to personal expression is an important goal of this department. All Lower School students take art classes as part of their regular schedule. From 6th grade through 12th grade, visual art classes can be chosen as electives from an introductory to advanced level. Course offerings include both traditional and digital art mediums. Classes in IB Visual Art are offered in 11th and 12th grade.