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Chapin Busses in front of the Middle School Building

ASM offers a private bus service for students to get to and from school.

Grupo Chapin,  one of Madrid’s most reliable and best bus companies, provides this optional service to families who wish to use it. There are currently 13 routes in Central Madrid, Pozuelo, Aravaca, Boadilla Del Monte, and Majadahonda. While the coverage of the routes is extensive it is important to note that we do not provide door-to-door service. Bus stops and pick-up points are designed with student safeguarding as a priority. As such, students may be required to walk or use other means of transportation to reach a designated bus stop.

The ASM Business Office facilitates and supports the registration, invoicing, and coordination of routes and services as an additional amenity to parents and to ensure the safety and efficiency of the transportation process.

In order to monitor the service and provide effective quality control, ASM is dedicated to transmitting parent feedback to improve the safety of our students that use this third-party service. The ASM Business Office also works with the Divisional Directors to resolve any student issues that take place on the buses. 

There is an ASM bus tracking app that allows you to see bus locations and the time of arrival for your child’s bus route.

There are Bus Monitors on every bus. They keep track of every student who gets on and off the bus. In case of an emergency all bus drivers are trained in basic first aid and in the event of a more serious emergency the driver will call for medical assistance. In case of an accident or breakdown, the students will be kept on the bus until a replacement bus arrives or an alternative method of transport is found. Each driver and all bus monitors have a cell phone and are in contact with the Chapin headquarters and with the ASM Business Office.

Contact Info

For information about:
  • Bus routes
  • Payment
  • Bus App

Please contact the ASM Business Office.

Irene Esteban 
 +34 91 740 1916.