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Yoli works in the cafeteria . She is offering fruit and smiling

ASM food service is provided by Scolarest. A full hot-lunch program is prepared on-site in ASM’s kitchen. In addition, there are hot and cold sandwiches, coffee, tea, juice, and a range of fruit and healthy snacks.

Scolarest maintains 16 staff members dedicated to ASM. From Miguel, the chef, to Yoli, who serves coffee and sandwiches, the cafeteria staff knows ASM students by name. They are part of our ASM family.
Scolarest has been working on increasing the level of choice, include more vegetarian options, and developing new recipes.
The school lunch menu is based on the fundamentals of a Mediterranean diet and is designed by experienced dieticians. It has been adapted to meet ASM’s specific needs to include unique menus which feature ingredients and recipes from different cultures and regions.
Special menus are available for allergies and specific cultural requirements. Scolarest has committed to sourcing best-quality ingredients from local suppliers of ecological certified food, fair trade certified products.
At ASM we are committed to health and wellness. In the cafeteria, this has been achieved by eliminating high-sugar drinks and snacks, reducing the amount of fried foods, and increasing the options for healthy eating.