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Child Protection lessons in Lower School
Emily Kutz, Lower School Intern

This spring semester, students and staff have been engaging in important work regarding child protection. Over the past few weeks, Lower School students have been taught about safe/unsafe touch with counselors Dr. Tang and Ms. Marsh. During these lessons, students have started to learn about what abuse is - in a developmentally appropriate manner - as well as identifying trusted adults and resources within their communities. 

In a Kinder classroom, this work looks like reading the story Some Parts are Not for Sharing by Julie K. Federico. This story has illustrations to simply explain the boundaries of appropriate touching in a non-threatening way. After this, Kinder students identified two trusted adults in their lives. In other grade levels, students enjoyed listening to other stories such as My Body Belongs to Me by Jill Starishesvsky. These students identified five trusted adults in their lives and posted their work to SeeSaw with voiceovers to put new language they learned from the lessons into practice.


While students learned about this topic within their classroom, counselors have also shared resources with parents to support conversations at home. This can be a difficult topic for families to discuss, but the school-to-home connection is crucial to working collaboratively to educate all ASM students. This work will continue with more lessons and resources throughout the spring alongside teacher training to align with ASM child protection policies. 

For resources regarding Child Protection please refer to the ASM Newsflash dated February 5.