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Child in a cheerios cup  Halloween costume
Emily Kutz, Lower School Intern

Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays for Lower School students. They spend time planning their visions for costumes and deciding how they will celebrate the fun-filled day.  However, this year with no ¨Trick or Treat¨ or big Halloween parties able to happen outside of school, students were worried they would not be able to celebrate this special occasion.

However, with Covid-19 restrictions in place, Lower School teachers across grade levels made it possible to make this day special for students. From K1 through fifth grade, students arrived at school dressed in whatever costume they chose, a change from past year when themes were decided for some grade levels. When students arrived, excitement could be observed as they showed off their costumes with their peers.

In K1-K3, students had a special socially distant parade.  They displayed their costumes as other teachers and staff cheered them on.  A few groups of third and fourth-grade students were able to join in on the fun from their classroom windows and balconies. They enjoyed dancing to music played by Mr. Fletch and seeing all of their friends across grade levels in a safe way. 

Lower School students in Halloween Costumes

Throughout the day in other grade levels, students enjoyed snapping photos together in their costumes, participating in Halloween crafts and games, and engaging in pumpkin-themed STEM studies.  While the day may have looked different than it has in the past, excitement could be felt all over the Lower School and students were able to create new Halloween memories. 

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