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MS Responsive Advisory
Mary Swanson, Middle School Learning Support Teacher

A new advisory comes to Middle School.

Advisory is a critical component of ASM’s Middle School program as it supports students in building meaningful relationships.

Each grade level advisor helps students develop positive relationships with their peers and provides a safe place for social-emotional and academic growth and exploration.

 A teacher in advisory.

The Responsive Advisory approach to our Middle School advisory program this year was introduced by former Humanities teacher Alaina Cotillo. Her role as the new Learning Support teacher is to provide material for advisory with a purposeful, consistent framework both across and amongst grade levels. This approach promotes a sense of belonging, significance and fun within each individual group.  

The Responsive Advisory provides flexibility for the Middle School to respond to the needs of our students and community. During the week of October 13-16, Middle School advisories focused on healthy habits and lifestyles. Guided by their advisor, advisees used their relationship skills to effectively communicate and work together to encourage one another to be more physically active and to choose snacks that allow the nutrition and vitamins needed for a growing Middle School student. 

A student reflecting on healthy habits.

Advisory lessons are designed around the Association of Middle Level Education (AMLE) advisory themes and the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) Competency Clusters. Thus far advisory time has centered primarily around building trust within our advisory families, safety, and healthy habits. Upcoming advisory topics will include self-awareness, relationship skills, intercultural understanding/social awareness, and much more!   

A student in advisory.

Photographs: All photos were taken by Ana Vilar.