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Reused plastic + weaving = eco-friendly stylish lampshades
Mary Swanson, Middle School Art Teacher

What if you could power electricity into your living room through the use of a plastic bottle? A Madrid-based company called PET Lamp does just that and ASM 6th grade scientists were invited to see this transformation unfold. 

PET Lamp was founded by designer Álvaro Catalán de Ocón and last month 6th grade Science teacher Kim Brock and her 2nd period Science students took part in a video chat with him. They talked about the techniques the company uses to make lampshades and the benefits of its works of functional art.

The students have been learning about human impact on the environment, and with this virtual visit, they were able to find out about a local designer using art, science, and technology to make an impactful change. Álvaro Catalán de Ocón stressed the importance of reducing plastic consumption and reusing plastic, as well as recycling.

“Making connections to learn from others is such a wonderful opportunity with this particular unit. It helps students connect with people in the community that are trying to bring more awareness to global issues,” said Ms. Brock. Usually, she would take students to the PET Lamp studio, but this year the Covid19 pandemic meant that was not an option.