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In February 2021 ASM hosted its first-ever TEDxYouth event. A student came up with the idea and the landmark event was largely organized by 15 to 18-year-old students. TEDxYouth@ASM was part of TED Talks, a global initiative about ideas worth spreading.


The theme the student organizers chose was ‘What Now?'. The idea being for speakers to reflect on global matters and share their ideas for a better future. They covered issues such as climate change, pollution and racism. To read more visit the official TEDxYouth page.

Watch the talks

Stopping the Climate Crisis

Did you know that every year more than 150,000 people die as a result of the climate crisis? The need to act is dire and the time to act is now. There are ways that everyone can help, but will they? In his talk, “Stopping the Climate Crisis”, Daniel outlines the complex problems and solutions that climate change poses to the human race. Both realistic and practical, his ideas speak to the immediate need to act but also address many of the disadvantages of doing just that.

Learn more about TEDxYouth Speaker Daniel Sheth.

Awareness is Not Enough

If you are not part of the solution, chances are you are part of the problem. Knowing about injustices in the world by reading the news or hearing stories is the first step but many treat it as the last step too. Elizaveta Konopleva hopes to turn bystanders into action takers. Her passion for helping others extends into her free time as she is an active volunteer and social justice activist. Elizaveta’s plans for a better future include starting her own ‘green’ business and building a more sustainable world.

Learn more about TEDxYouth Speaker Elizaveta Konopleva.


How Globalization and Urbanization Can Save the World

The world would be a better place without poverty and our efforts as a human race to eradicate it have fallen short. This talk outlines a less conventional way to stop the spread of poverty: globalization and urbanization. Manuel Lara challenges commonly held ideas about poverty and what humanity needs to do to save the world. Having spent most of his life in Peru and Brazil, he has seen firsthand the dramatic impact poverty has on people. His plan to make our future brighter includes working for an intergovernmental organization or an NGO after attending university.

Learn more about TEDxYouth Speaker Manuel Lara.

Knowing That We Have to do Better

What can we learn from being an ally to victims of injustice and discrimination? This talk dives into the true stories and lessons learned from people who have experienced racism and sexism firsthand. Told from the perspective of an ally, these stories give the audience s a glimpse of what it’s like to be discriminated against. Helping others is central to Leah Rosow’s identity. As an ally and advocate for those voices less heard and most hurt, she hopes to take her passions into the field of psychology. Her experiences living in the USA and Spain have shaped her understanding of social injustice and inequality.

Learn more about TEDxYouth Speaker Leah Rosow.

Four Steps Towards a Greener Year

Many of us spent a lot of time stuck inside during the lockdowns of 2020 due to COVID-19. With some thoughtful planning and some innovative thinking, we can leverage the impacts of that time to be more environmentally friendly. Carmen Campa, a medical student, teaches us four ways to make a difference from home. She is passionate about improving the world around her and her interest in science and history coupled with her love of travel and culture give her a unique perspective.

Learn more about TEDxYouth Speaker Carmen Campa.

A Drop of Passion into an Ocean of Plastic

Anyone can make a big impact if they are clear about where to put their energy. In this talk, we are introduced to the idea that sometimes the smartest path to helping solve big problems is starting with our passions. How can we creatively align what we love to spend our time doing with activities that improve our world? Jimena Roces is a young leader with a passion for teaching others about helping our planet and helping themselves. Her ambition for a future in science and medicine shapes her analytical perspective on the current state of our environment and world health.

Learn more about TEDxYouth Speaker Jimena Roces.

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Read about the lead student organizer at ASM Stories.

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.