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painting with many colors and images

Through the Arts, students explore their world and their unique perspectives. The Arts are opportunities for students to create, explore, and express their unique perspectives as they gain insight into themselves and their world. Developing a lifelong commitment to personal expression is an important goal of this department. 

The art classes at The American School of Madrid are dedicated to helping students enjoy, express, and develop a personal, creative vision. Students are exposed to the creative process where they explore the possibilities for combining ideas, images, and materials together in a work of art. Critical thinking, craftsmanship, and Design Elements and Principles are an essential part of each unit from art investigation to image-making. Through studio experience and the opportunity to collaborate, analyze, and critique, students become skillful and confident using the tools and techniques needed in a variety of mediums. The art curriculum is designed as an integrated approach to creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, art criticism, and art appreciation. Encouraging students to be intellectually curious, to take risks in their work,

Students painting a unicorn
photo of a man in a rainbow