Spanish classes are offered daily in grades K1-12. The main objective of the S.S.L. Program is to enable students to communicate in Spanish and to develop an understanding of Spanish culture. Communication skills may range from simple usage, for students initially exposed to the language, to bilingualism, whereby students are fully prepared to take the International Baccalaureate examination.

In the Lower School, Spanish is acquired through guided student interaction (songs, games, and hand-on activities) and individualized instruction. In the Middle and Upper School, grammar is more formally studied. At the different levels students to be able to master specific grammar skills (verb tenses, structures, and idiomatic expressions), and key cultural components associated with those kills. In the Middle School there are three levels of Spanish. In the Upper School the program consists of seven levels (4 language and 3 literature levels).

The Spanish department strongly encourages parents to motivate their children through active family participation in the unique Spanish life and culture.