Activities meet once or twice a week from October through May. Activities begin at 4:00 p.m. and continue until 5:00 p.m., although a few activities for older students start and end later in the afternoon.


Opportunities for athletic competition are available in the Upper School. Competitive sports include girls’ volleyball, soccer and basketball, and boys’ soccer, volleyball and basketball. Tennis is also offered although competition is limited.

Due to the limited opportunities for competition with other American schools, the typical American “season” concept for athletic competition is not followed by ASM. In order to take advantage of those opportunities for competition provided through the local Spanish leagues, some competitive sports run a season of 7-8 months while other sports have a limited season of 3-4 months.

Although ASM believes its young athletes acquire the basic skills necessary for competence in a chosen athletic area, the School does not offer an athletic program comparable to that available in the United States in many medium- and large- sized schools nor in those schools with emphasis on preparation of athletes for collegiate competition. Our primary goal is to provide students with the opportunity for enjoyment of a physical activity and to develop a basic competence in an athletic area of the student’s  choice.