Prior to applying to ASM, parents with children with special needs are requested to submit all pertinent documentation to ASM in order that the admissions committee can carefully analyze them to determine whether or not ASM has an appropriate program for their child(ren). Documentation that may be helpful would include Individualized Education Plans (lEPs), educational evaluation reports, 504 plans, evaluations from psychologists, doctor’s evaluations, teacher recommendations, etc.

Additional support services are minimal in the Upper School for students who need limited specialized instruction, and/or minimum program modifications in order to meet classroom, course, and graduation requirements. These support services are frequently extended to include tutoring outside of the regular instructional day.

Students with identified learning disabilities who require substantial academic support and program modification in order to successfully meet the academic expectations of the School are not accepted into grades 9-12.


Non-native English speakers entering the Upper School must show adequate proficiency in English through passing an entrance examination and presenting an acceptable writing sample. All students entering Upper School must be able to function in the regular academic program with a maximum assistance of one period of ESL instruction supplemented by private tutoring outside the regular instructional day, if necessary.

In general, the older the student, the higher the English language proficiency required for acceptance.


The Guidance Counselor works with all students to help ensure that their social, emotional, and academic needs are met within the resources of the School. Course selection and college advising is done with the Guidance Counselor.